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My new book, Pregnancy Loss: a guide to what complementary and alternative medicine can offer is now available.
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Amazon reviewer: "An excellent reference work for complementary therapists treating pregnant clients or those with fertility issues...... Throughout the book the author convinces us of her experience in this field with numerous references to situations she's worked with using herbal medicine and acupuncture...."





, Fertility acupuncture in Surrey, Pregnancy acupuncture in Surrey, Chinese herbal medicine Surrey, Chinese herbs and fertilityMiscarriage & Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage is unfortunately a very common experience for women and can be particularly devastating when it occurs repeatedly, or follows difficulties conceiving.  I see many women in my clinic who have previously lost babies go on to have successful pregnancies and believe that Chinese medicine offers an astonishingly effective support for women throughout their pregnancies, both in terms of the physical help it provides, but perhaps most powerfully the emotional support it gives.  Traditional acupuncture is centred on balancing the body and mind and this is of profound importance in early pregnancy.  This is an area of obstetric practice where I believe Chinese medicine excels and I am a passionate advocate for most women using acupuncture from the earliest days of their pregnancies. My experience shows me time and again that it really offers substantial benefits to women and their babies.

Throughout the history of Chinese medicine's development, there has been a full and rich awareness of the causes of miscarriage and how these may be prevented. As a traditional acupuncturist, I use these classical and ancient teachings to direct the way that I work, but equally I stay abreast of current research and scientific findings. Personally I think this is essential in this area of practice, as many myths and uncertainties abound, with women being especially exposed to all kinds of suggestions and what can be for many a bewildering array of treatments. 

Patient testimonial:
"I want to thank you once again for all of your help during my pregnancy. I will always be thankful for your kindness and care during a scary - and wonderful - time" D, previous history of recurrent miscarriages

"I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 23 and was told that it would be highly unlikely that I would be able to have children. My cycle was all over the place. To my surprise (and without any treatment except some vitamins) I found myself pregnant after only 3 months of trying.

Unfortunately, devastatingly I lost my baby at 19 weeks due to an incompetent cervix. I thought I had lost my only chance to have a child and I felt desperate. My doctor just kept telling me to wait and that it would all sort itself out but I found this too stressful. I found out how beneficial acupuncture could be so after 13 weeks without a period I went to see Janetta.

I immediately had confidence in her and her approach. She really put me at my ease. Having had no sign of a period after my first treatment my cycle started 3 days later. After my second session I ovulated and after my third session I did a positive pregnancy test.

Everyone will tell you that each person is different but I truly believe that I would not be 7 weeks pregnant if it were not for Janetta. A million thank-yous" N H-C

If you are concerned about miscarriage, or have experienced pregnancy loss at any stage of a previous pregnancy and would like to have acupuncture in any current or future pregnancy, or whilst trying to conceive, then please do contact me for more advice or to make an appointment.

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